The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Unused clothing left in the dumpsite, materials and even bags made from animal skin. These are all unhealthy contributions that fashion does to the world.

Switching to sustainable fashion can be really of help in making sure that the Earth is still and will be a livable place. Not only that, but sustainable fashion also has a lot to offer when it comes to design, styling and even the quality and sustainability of the materials being used.

With that said, here are a few more reasons to convince you to switch to sustainable fashion or ethical clothing today.

Quality Reduces Waste

Sustainable brands focus on quality, using materials and finishes that are made to last as well as being kind to the environment. The clothing produced by fast fashion brands isn’t made to last – the aim is to get you to buy more, so why would the focus be on making quality long-lasting clothing? In choosing sustainable brands that provide quality, you can reduce your waste as well as the amount of clothing that you buy.

Saves Animal Lives

Sustainable fashion brands have started to increasingly embrace the use of cruelty-free alternatives, and there’s one for nearly every piece of fashion materials – polyester made with trash from the oceans, bags created from recycled seatbelts, plant-based compostable sneakers, silk created from yeast, and bio-fabricated vegan wool. But one of the most demanded leather alternatives these days comes from pineapples.


The Fashion Industry came as one to raise funds for the children housed at Belgrade Shelter. This is among the many samples that the Fashion Industry proves that it’s not all about the looks and clothes that you wear but it’s also about the heart that reaches out to many in need.

Canadian fashion night 2017, Alex Susak

At the residence of the Canadian Ambassador to Belgrade, Philip Pennington, a charity show by Canadian-born Serbian-born fashion designer Alex Susak was held to raise donations for children from the Belgrade Shelter.

On this occasion, this great designer presented her long-awaited collection called “Color” as part of a traditional event organized by the Belgrade Fashion Nights Agency Factory.

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Like all the events that the Factory Agency is involved in, this event was dedicated to the children of the Shelter, who has been assisted by the Embassy of Canada for many years. In the beautiful garden of the Residence, the true elite of the city of Belgrade gathered, and a large number of Ambassadors and guests from the cultural and intellectual milieu were among the guests.

“This is an evening of Canadian-Serbian fashion,” said Factory Director Vesna Mandic, who said that the Canadian Embassy has been helping the Shelter’s children for many years, with the agency participating in the past four years.

“We supply shelter children with various things, they have been provided with plenty of food, notebooks needed to start school, new shoes,” Mandic said, noting that they were able to provide the children with what they needed most through donors.
She also called on goodwill to deposit money into the Shelter’s secure account.

Canadian designer Aleks Susak is the creative director and owner of the ALEKS SUSAK fashion line. In her first Spring / Summer 2015 collection, Alex introduced a one of a kind combination of three different materials: denim, leather, and silk. Persuaded by a combination of hard and soft materials, it has created a unique collection that is hand-painted.

Since 2014, Alex, who holds a master’s degree from the University of Toronto, has been regularly presenting collections for each season, consisting of silk, hand-painted dresses, trousers, and kaftans.

The passion for women’s clothing design comes from a time when Alex worked with the film industry including TV and top fashion sectors. Her one of a kind style and artistic gift launched her very own brand. Alex works to develop stylish and classic pieces of apparel for ladies who focused on showing their feminism and personality.