The careful attention to detail that goes into every RK design characterizes the work of the world’s finest artisans.

form and function

opposites attract
RK is based on a premise of integrating disparate ideas—sensuality and architectural design, luxury and utility, lightness and structure—and creating from them something compelling and new.

The Design Process

Step by Step
Every design begins with a sketch from Reed. His ideas take shape on paper and are then brought to life by skilled artisans in the atelier located at our New York headquarters.


by hand
With a goal of creating items that truly embody modern luxury, RK works only with highly skilled artisans and the finest European factories. The brand’s sumptuous leathers and fabrics represent the best combination of old-world tradition and contemporary technology. These elements come together in an expression of sensitive craftsmanship that is relevant and desirable now.


prime resources
RK always starts with the best materials available, whether they are buttery European leathers, luxurious exotic skins, or techno fabrics that represent the latest advances.

The world of RK

design in context
The brand’s impact is a result of creativity that’s connected to many different aspects of the world: design, art, and architecture. They all come together in the RK store environment.