It’s widely known to a number of people that jewelry is used to adorn themselves in various parts of the globe. And among the different types of jewelry available for sale today, necklace is one of the oldest pieces among them. However, what’s the reason behind this? Simply speaking, why people are wearing necklaces?

A Status Symbol

Even though there are several evidences showing that early civilizations have been wearing necklaces, any theories of why people at such time are wearing them are mostly speculations.

Thousands years later, still in ancient times, archeologists showed that in most part of the globe, necklaces were often worn by the royalty and noble.

Necklaces of Before

Therefore, necklaces back then serve as a representation of a wearer’s social status. Even when that person dies, the necklaces they use to wear are buried alongside them. Early necklaces though are far more different from what we are used today. Back then, necklaces were made using materials like:

  • Claws
  • Feathers
  • Shells
  • Animal teeth and fangs

They are then strung together in a piece of string. In prehistoric periods, men and women are wearing necklaces. These days, it’s more popular among women to accentuate their style and fashions sense.