Colors have always had an important meaning for humans and therefore also for psychology. The fashion and color of each piece of clothing and candle and their combination are no exception here. Each color is associated with a specific effect and symbolism.

Fashionable candles and color psychology

Depending on the viewer, there are still differences because some color meanings are also determined and fixed by traditions and different cultures. Other effects of colors, on the other hand, are almost universal and are perceived in a similar or the same way by people all over the world.

For example, shades from red to yellow are considered warm colors everywhere, while shades from green to blue are cold. The reason for this, from a psychological point of view, is one’s own human experience, which associates red and yellow with a warm fire and blue and green with colder water.

Anyone who likes to experiment with colors should, on the one hand, orientate themselves a little on current color trends and combinations.

world infused candles

Possible effects of colors

Red stands for energy, passion, and love, but also for liveliness and especially in nature for danger. Red carriers are known for short tempers and assertiveness.

Blue radiates calm, but under certain circumstances, it can also appear distant and cold. Anyone who likes blue often is classified as in need of harmony and avoiding conflict.

Anyone who likes to see yellow is considered intelligent, freedom-loving, factual, and reasonable. However, yellow can also stand for envy.

Green is the color of hope and life. People who like the color green look to the future, but also like to calm themselves with the color. Those who collect green color infused candles are also perceived as generous.

Anyone who likes black is considered an individual and radiates strength or pessimism. Black is also considered elegant, simple and the color of mourning.

Fashion and its impact on health

Aside from the color effect, fashion has a much more direct effect on people’s health and thus initially on the psyche, but later possibly even on the human body. Because the cult of appearance and above all beauty and the associated values ​​of fame, power, and wealth has existed in society for thousands of years and continues to this day.

Wall with accessories


Just as a new coat can do wonders for your winter wardrobe, wallpaper is a real eye-catcher in the interior. This clear outline for all your furniture and accessories like photo frames shows who you are, so it’s time to show your colors. Are you going for hip or luxury?


No trend passes you by. You follow street-style blogs closely and Instagram them. You want to try everything, but know how to style things to make them your own. You also apply that courage in your interior. Instead of having to buy a whole bunch of new accessories, you know that with a new wallpaper you immediately make a grand gesture. Plus, that new wallpaper makes a perfect backdrop for your selfies. With these prints on the wall, you are on top of the trends, whether you choose urban influences from the city that never sleeps or opt for a ticket to the tropics with palm prints and birds.

Hipster house

The designers of ESTAhome went on an excursion to Brooklyn and managed to capture everything that befits a hip house in one collection. That makes it even more difficult to choose between patterns of pinned butterflies, bicycles, the typography of the handwritten menu board variant, scrap wood or a ‘just real’ white painted brick wall. While the prints refer to oh-so-hip artisanal influences, the wallpapering itself is anything but that. Wallpapering is no longer what it used to be: nowadays you apply the glue directly on the wall, where you then stick the wallpaper in a flash.

Monochrome mode

Black and white are never out of fashion, but Graham & Brown knows how to make this classic combination completely contemporary with the Me & Mr. Black collection. How about a delicate pattern of dandelion fluff, a robust wide stripe, or a pattern that is obviously contemporary, but reminiscent of Dutch tiles and traditional costumes?

With dot without winter dip

In a house where the walls are provided with yellow dots, sweet and sour lemons, or pastel-colored swallows, a winter dip has no chance. And in a room where the confetti seems to splash off the wall, it’s always a bit of a party. The Danish home brand Rice likes to provide some ‘everyday magic’ and worked together with the Dutch Eijffinger, with whom she shares a colorful living philosophy, on a quirky wallpaper collection that is bursting with optimism.

Hip Birds

Young designer duo Designed for Living ensures a high Wanderlust content in their collection for BN Wallcoverings. Illustrations of large palm leaves and exotic birds in the green give the upcoming cold winter days a sunny edge. The finer patterns in the collection provide numerous combination possibilities. The print that is reminiscent of braided rattan gives your interior a tropical touch, without being cliché.


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Warm cashmere, buttery soft calfskin, rich silk but also traditionally made jeans: quality and fashion go hand in hand for you. Your style has been developed to perfection and elegance your middle name, but you also like to be inspired by fashion shoots in international glossy. Just like in your wardrobe, there are also a number of investment pieces to discover in your interior. You do not believe in ‘everything new’ but expand your collection piece by piece. You know that with wallpaper you provide a grand style injection, especially when you choose the latest luxury wall coverings that combine special materials and design for a rich look.

Home Suite Home

Texture on the wall breathes the allure of old country houses or expensive hotel suites. In the Lodge collection of Origin Luxury Wallcoverings, the imitation grass fabric pattern creates an irregularity in color and fabric that, together with a subtle gloss effect, creates a rich appearance. Due to the heavy vinyl quality, the wallpaper can also be used in damp rooms such as the open kitchen or en suite bathroom. Speaking of a luxurious hotel feeling…

Whisper luxury

Luxury does not always have to be on top of it, but can also be felt quietly. That’s what they must have thought at Eijffinger when they called this collection full of tangible sensations Whisper. Soft flock prints, high-gloss patinated foils, and beautiful beads are exciting, and crackling rough paper and cuddly suede are tough. In chic color schemes such as chardonnay, powder pink, and copper, this wallpaper is not screaming but forms a luxurious basis for the interior in the background.

What comes from far away…

Dutch Wall Textile Co. likes to refer to the Golden Age, when the Netherlands scoured the world’s oceans to trade with faraway places when they tell about their search for Indian silk, Italian velvet, and Belgian suede. The cuddly wall covering in which these funds end up is anything but average. With patterns ranging from bold velour to a soft corduroy stripe, the collection caters to different tastes: both pronounced and understated interiors face soft days.

Excess down to the wire

You can live in a good pair of jeans, and that makes this favorite fashion item have quite a lot in common with the interior. Why not cover your entire wall with your favorite fabric? BN Wallcoverings opts for a wallpaper that celebrates the craftsmanship hidden in the fabric, with an enlarged print that zooms in on the thread. This is luxury with a raw edge. For more conventional luxury, choose from a variety of designs, such as a denim-woven floral pattern, a padded check pattern, or a wide strip in pastel pink.

Worldly opulence

If there is anyone who counts the creation of luxurious living spaces as part of his daily tasks, it is Piet Boon. From hotels to residential villas in Europe, America, and Asia, Boon transforms them into chic accommodations. It was during one of those trips that his team was introduced to Washi, which literally translates to Japanese paper. This historic paper, made by hand from the bark of three Japanese trees, is praised for its strength, warmth, and beauty.