Earrings are loved and worn by men and women. Truth is, these pieces were deemed as one of the most important jewelry since ancient times. These accessories are representing a number of things from:

  • Personal Statements
  • Style and;
  • Flair

The kinds of earrings are going to vary on the one who is wearing it. However, the two major types of earrings are the pierce-on and clip-on. The latter are made using screw-in posts, spring attachments or tension clips in order to pinch it to the earlobes.

Different Earring Types

There are also earrings called as hoops which are designed either in a circular or semi-circular fashion. They are almost identical to rings. The thing is, they’re made from metal tubing. These hollow tubing is positioned in front of ear and attached permanently to the wire. It then slips into tube at back.

Some of the hoops are also in perfect circle while others are incomplete.

There are also sleeper earrings. They are grouped under the hoop earrings. They’re worn during night in order to prevent ear piercings from closing. Aside from that, there are these spring hoops. These are basically pieces similar to hoop earrings. Truth is, they’re found to be the same with each other.