Other term used for boxer briefs are tight boxers. They’re tight-fitting similar to briefs but longer in legs like boxer shorts. This undergarment for men is quite popular in countries similar to the following:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom and;
  • United States

Boxer briefs are basically the combination of briefs and shorts. Many guys feel more comfortable wearing their boxer briefs as briefs do not ride up like conventional boxers. This kind of underwear also comes in different patterns and colors.

Varieties of Options

You are sure to find wide varieties of boxer briefs due to its popularity. There are those that have novelty designs such as superhero prints down to the more conservative and clean looking design white boxers.

Boxer briefs also have a resemblance to cycling shorts which are also worn by professional players or athletes.

Most men are wearing this undergarment due to the reason that it is capable of covering more area from their thighs to waist and down. This kind of underwear is frequently worn as well by wrestlers and martial artists.


Majority of the boxer briefs also come in knitted versions which could be worn during night. Back then, this kind of boxer was worn mainly for durability and comfort. Today however, the trend shifted to showing some sexiness among men.