Alligator shoes as the name implies are made from alligator skins. Much like with other leathers sourced from cows, majority of the alligator shoes are manufactured from hides of alligators and are quite popular because of its natural and unquestioned durability. Due to the reason that alligator skins come in limited quality, it pushes the demand and price for these shoes making it quite expensive.

Supply and Demand

Until just recently, alligator was deemed one of the endangered species by United States Fish and Wildlife Service. However, after years of limited harvesting there are now years in which hunting seasons for these reptiles may be performed.

Similar to crocodiles, these alligators have been roaming the planet for millions of years. Probably, they are dinosaur’s closest living relatives.

They have these huge teeth and remarkably tough and resilient skin. It gives an indication of what dinosaurs might have been like when they are still dominating the earth.

Product Versatility

This quality is also what made them the perfect shoes. Practically, they are indestructible piece of material. And on top of being used widely for shoes, you may see that the hides are being used as well in manufacturing highly fashionable belts and wallets.