If you’re in the shoe industry and trying to market it out, then you certainly know how difficult things can be. This is true especially if you are a small business that sells new shoe line. Customers also have the tendency of sticking to a brand they know and persuading them to try out something new is not that easy.

But most of the bigger and established shoe companies are using marketing techniques that small businesses could learn and adapt.

This includes but not limited to the following:


This is a new form of advertising technique that is pretty useful for shoe industry. This taps to the fans and customers to market products to general public.

Design Your Own

Yet another technique of drawing in customers is by giving them the chance to design how they want their shoes to look like. This would make your product completely unique and more customized as per their needs. As a matter of fact, NikeID has done this on their website by allowing customers to pick from wide list of colors and then, adding their own numbers or icons.

Some of the small businesses are differentiating themselves by means of letting customers to upload their own designs and having it printed to their shoes.