Designers have a unique spectrum of reasons. Yet, there are two primary reasons that could explain the existence of strange and un-wearable garments that you see on fashion shows.

Look Beyond the Obvious

Simply put, in runway show featuring these out-of-this-world garments, it is not actually intended to be worn rather, it’s more of an art exhibition. Shows don’t last that long and closed to public but in addition to that, this is aiming to get press coverage. With this, people gets to see tangible artworks in motion and also, on social media and their favorite magazines.

On the show, these are attended by talented and experienced journalists who act as cultural mediation team and offering explanation and thorough review regarding the work of the artist.

Not to Sell but to make a Statement!

Second of all and probably, the most important and also vague reason why fashion shows have these “unwearable” clothes is the fact that they are not designed to sell these items. Rather, they are focused on providing public awareness from the mood, theme, overall feel of the artist.

There is a reason why this is called a “fashion show” and why a lot of products are displayed by real people. It’s some sort of dance in a meticulously chosen venue coupled with the appropriate music and finely-worked decoration.