The moment that you step out of your home, it is your outfit that will say a lot of things about you. Together with your hair and face, your clothing is among the things that others would notice first. Whether you like it or not, they will be quick to judge you and make impressions base on what you wear. When at work and about town, it is vital that you present a capable and confident appearance.

One may think that a modern man today has good fashion sense locked away. But a good look on your surroundings and it would tell you something different. Every day, men commit fashion suicide and this might literally cost them their meetings with in-laws, job interviews or get that phone number from a young beautiful lady. You probably don’t like to be this guy.

Here’s what you should do then:

Don’t Try so Hard

Unless you got a part-time job, try to keep your looks simply by not wearing 3 major colors or more. In addition to that, don’t adorn yourself with too much jewelry.

Rule of thumb: One ring per finger, One necklace only.

Bring a Friend

When shopping your wardrobe, always have someone to accompany you. It’s better if your friend is a woman. As much as possible, you want unbiased opinion on how you look from somebody’s point of view.