Clothing provides an avenue for us to express ourselves and be creative. It is a way for us to show our personality and be distinct from others with the garments we choose. However, fashion can also be a source of stress and anxiety for many people. Body image concerns, societal pressure to conform to certain beauty standards, and the fear of being judged for our fashion choices can all contribute to a negative relationship with fashion. This is where the practice of body positivity and positive affirmations come in.

Understanding Body Positivity in Fashion

Body positivity is a movement that promotes self-love and acceptance, regardless of shape, size, or appearance. In fashion, body positivity means embracing your body and dressing it in a way that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and empowered. It is about shifting the focus from external beauty standards to internal self-love and acceptance. 

The Importance of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are tools which help to strengthen our self-beliefs and keep us motivated. Here are some Positive Affirmations That’ll Change the Way You Think. They are declarations which can reinforce our faith in ourselves and encourage us to move forward. They can help us shift our mindset from negative self-talk to positive self-talk and can be a powerful tool in promoting body positivity. When we use positive affirmations in fashion, we are essentially training our brains to see ourselves in a more positive light. This can lead to increased confidence, self-esteem, and a healthier relationship with fashion.

Tips for Practicing Positive Affirmations in Fashion

  1. Start with self-awareness: Before you can start practicing positive affirmations, it’s important to be aware of your negative self-talk patterns. Take note of your negative thoughts about your body or fashion choices, and write them down.
  2. Choose positive affirmations: Once you are aware of your negative self-talk, choose positive affirmations that counteract these thoughts. For example, if you often think “I look fat in this outfit,” replace it with “I love my body and I feel confident in this outfit.”
  3. Repeat your affirmations daily: It’s important to repeat your affirmations daily, either silently or out loud. You can write them down on sticky notes and place them on your mirror, or set a daily reminder on your phone.
  4. Surround yourself with positivity: Surround yourself with people who promote body positivity and self-love. Follow social media accounts that celebrate diversity in fashion and promote body positivity.
  5. Dress for yourself: Remember to dress for yourself, not anyone else. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident, and happy. Don’t shy away from experimenting with new ideas and trends – it can be a great way to find something that really works for you.

Practicing positive affirmations in fashion can have a powerful impact on our self-esteem, confidence, and overall relationship with fashion. By embracing body positivity and using positive affirmations, we can shift our mindset from negative self-talk to self-love and acceptance. Remember to be kind to yourself, celebrate your unique beauty, and dress in a way that makes you feel like your best self.

Rin Tosaka Outfit


By watching anime at nonton anime sub indo, I was inspired to show you a pair of anime-inspired everyday outfits from time to time. For this, I take my normal clothes, which I usually already have hanging in the closet anyway. From time to time, however, I also buy a particularly well-fitting part. These are absolutely not cosplays!

The outfits will sometimes be relatively close to the original, sometimes interpreted quite freely. This is simply because some anime outfits can simply be transferred into everyday life, others less so. In addition, I don’t want to buy extra clothes here every time, which I only wear for this project.

I hope you like the idea!

Sailor Moon Outfit

It all started on a rainy day with my Sailor Moon-inspired outfit. For this, I took a white blouse and combined it with my blue Anna Field Petite pleated skirt.

Of course, what should not be missing are the iconic red boots! Here I wore my red Méduse rubber boots.

I’m not really happy with the blouse yet, but Sailor Moon’s top is really hard to style from everyday clothes. But even so, an everyday look for rainy days was created and that was definitely my goal!

Madoka Outfit – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Also with Madoka the rain had me firmly under control. This is also shown by the fact that I had to wear my rain jacket to the originally planned outfit. As a base, I took two of my favorite pieces of Liz Lisa. Once the skirt is in bell shape in pink and then the white blouse with pink applications. Of course, this is all rather loosely based on Madoka’s Magical Girl outfit, but there are quite a lot of elements again. My red pumps with the bow also fit really well here, even if Madoka’s bow is attached to the back of the shoes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have high white socks with ruffles, but the short ones are also quite good I think.

Since the pumps in the rain are of course not very practical, I have here a photo for you with my red Hunter rubber boots. Especially here, high white socks would do really well. I really have to see if I can find something suitable on occasion. Because I wouldn’t just wear these with this look, they always go with the red rubber boots!

Madoka Outfit Rain Rubber Boots Hunter

Yoshino Outfit – Date A Live

Quite a while ago I bought a particularly sustainable green rain jacket that consists largely of recycled plastic bottles. Since this was unfortunately very big for me, I came up with the idea to use it as a model for an everyday outfit with Yoshino from Date A Live. The green is not 100% the right thing, but it’s about styling the anime models with everyday clothes and not delivering the correct cosplay.

This also applies to the light blue dress, it simply fits wonderfully from the length and the cut. In addition, there are knee-high socks in pink and my green Aigle rubber boots, which I have already worn for my Yoshino Cosplay. This creates a really cute outfit for rainy days.

Asuna Casual Outfit – Sword Art Online

The typical Asuna look from Sword Art Online is not very suitable for everyday use. But I remember her very simple casual look from the first season, which she wears in-game after she married Kirito and bought the idyllic wooden house with him (episode 11). The outfit is not spectacular, but you can easily integrate it into your everyday life.

She wears a light knit/wool sweater and a brown short skirt that is cut straight. In addition, there are flat half-height leather boots. So everything is kept very comfortable.

For this, I then took my natural colored light wool sweater made of alpaca wool and combined it with my short pink skirt, which is cut straight to match. Here I allowed myself some freedom with the colors but kept the effect of the casual Asuna look.

Fortunately, I still had half-height leather boots in dark brown, which I had bought on sale a while ago, but never wore properly. The boots are just right from the cut, even if the shaft is not turned over as with the original. But the fast makes a great impression.

Here you will find the template if you no longer have the episode and the casual Asuna outfit in mind: Asuna template

2B Outfit – Nier Automata

First of all, the hint that 2B actually does not come from an anime, but from a game. I still allow myself the freedom to take a 2B outfit with me. Firstly, 2B as a character is also very popular among anime fans and secondly, an anime for Nier Automata is currently being created. At the latest after its appearance of it, it fits here again anyway. So I’m just anticipating something.

2B is almost a fashion icon with her outfit. For practical reasons, I opted for a fairly free interpretation and only took clothes that I already had in the closet at home. I had some alternatives to choose from. In the end, I chose this one for the dress because of the length. I had a second one to choose from, which fit better at the top, but had some white elements.

With the stockings, it was worthwhile to unpack the special ones again, here I could have alternatively taken very classic tights. Of course, that would have been a bit more suitable for everyday use, but it wouldn’t have been so special.

For the boots, I deliberately decided against my black over knees. This had to do with the length of the dress and the stockings. Due to the special cut of the original 2B dress, it does not matter if the boots disappear under the dress, they are still always visible in motion. But this is not a good idea in everyday life. That’s why I preferred to take my knee-high leather heel boots. They make the overall picture more coherent.

The result is an exciting outfit that is certainly not for going to the bakery. For special occasions, however, it really makes a difference. The advantage is that you can choose the individual parts quite freely as long as they are black and consist of three parts dress, stockings, and heel boots.


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Mayuri Outfit – Steins Gate

The outfit of Mayuri from Steins Gate is again much more suitable for everyday use. It even fits really well in spring and is wonderfully casual. In addition, Mayuri’s look is comfortable to wear and the individual components you get pretty easy to buy.

Because it combines a light light blue short summer dress with denim shorts. These are both absolute basic parts. Whereby you have to find the right lengths right here. I almost only had hot pants made of jeans in the closet, which you would not have seen under the dress. The length of the shorts alone I would not find so nice, but the combination with the dress makes the boring pants a really cool combination.

The choice of the right boots was also relatively difficult for me. Because in dark brown I have some boots to choose from, but none of the pairs fit so 100%. The half-high flat leather boots you see here now fit best and I am satisfied with the choice of Mayuri’s boots. It was really difficult to find a suitable hat. in light blue there is unfortunately little choice, but also here I found a cheap one with which I was satisfied with the outfit.

You can also see here that I have already used some garments for previous anime outfits. In this case, the dress for Yoshino and the boots for Casual Asuna. It’s great fun to search my wardrobe for matching pieces!

Rika Outfit – Higurashi

Here I have a really nice outfit that Rika Furude from the popular anime Higurashi inspired me to do. Even though it has a distinct Japanese impact, it is still quite suitable for everyday use. I also found it very comfortable and comfortable to wear.

Let’s take a closer look at Rika’s outfit. I wore my short-sleeved Liz Lisa blouse, which is very comfortable on such a summery day. Rika’s blouse is actually completely white with pink bows. The Liz Lisa blouse fits perfectly from the cut so that the dots and the black bow do not bother.

In addition, there is a black miniskirt that throws beautiful wrinkles. I have decided here on an absolute basic skirt that I like to wear. The cut fits Rika perfectly. Especially for the look, I bought black suspenders. I will certainly be able to incorporate them into other outfits from time to time. Here I simply ordered cheap suspenders from Amazon.

The high white stockings also fit almost perfectly with the Rika Furude look. The only difference between the role model is once again the bow, which is pink for her and white for me. It was pure coincidence that I discovered and bought the knee socks about half a year ago.

When it came to shoes, I had the choice between two models. Once my brown Lolita Tea Party shoes, which you can also see here, and black simply Mary Jane Ballerinas. The latter would have been closer to the original in terms of cut, but I preferred the right brown color.

The style is super cute and comes very close to the original. Each of you who can do something with J-Fashion can also integrate this outfit into everyday life. This is a really nice and sweet summer style!

Rin Outfit – Catherine: Full Body

Catherin: Full Body is a Japanese video game from developer Atlus, who is also responsible for the popular Persona series. Since the game has a strong anime impact, my current outfit fits well here anyway. It’s about the new character from the Full Body expansion Rin. She has a very cute outfit, but it also really makes a difference.

Rin wears a short, sleeveless, light blue dress. Since I could not find such a dress with a corresponding “sailor collar” anywhere, I decided here on a short strap dress made of denim fabric. This is so currently in vogue anyway and can therefore also be worn well for other summery outfits.

Rin is also really trendy when it comes to shoes! She actually wears light blue Mary Jane Riemchen pumps. Since this would have been really difficult in my size, I just decided to put on my brown Mary Jane pumps. Since their heel is also not so high, the shoes remain reasonably suitable for everyday use. In addition, there are white socks. My Falke ruffled socks are the most coherent overall.

Finally, the wide-tied white tie should not be missing as an accessory. Here a dress with a collar would have been even better, but I think it went so very well. In case of doubt, you can simply leave out the tie for your everyday look. The outfit works wonderfully even without it.

Melinda Outfit – Animal Crossing

Melinda also has nothing directly to do with anime. Since Animal Crossing is very popular in the scene, it still fits well into this article. The likable dog lady has thrown herself into a new outfit for the latest offshoot Animal Crossing New Horizons, which I have styled here for you!

The look is basically very simple. Melinda wears a pink blouse in the Switch Animal Crossing. In the original, large sheets are printed on the blouse. I chose a piece of clothing that I already had at home and that’s why my pink blouse has a fine pattern, but still fits well with Melinda.

It was more difficult to find a matching white skirt. Here I was very lucky that I recently received this one, which you see here in the photo, as a gift. The tight-fitting pencil skirt made of white fabric is made for this Melinda outfit!

Last but not least, I opted for classic black pumps. Actually, the dog lady probably wears brown loafers as shoes, which is also really difficult to recognize. But since I don’t like these kinds of shoes, I took the liberty to take pumps, as Melinda would fit.