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Fashion law, also called apparel law, is an up-and-coming legal field that covers concerns surrounding the fashion business and industry, such as from the conception of an apparel to the protection of the brand. Clients of fashion law include fashion designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, fashion houses, modeling agencies, as well as photographers.

Duties and Obligations of a Fashion Lawyer

Fashion lawyers counsel clients on legal concerns facing the industries of fashion, textile, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics as well as other sectors involved in fashion. This includes legal concerns from merchandising, licensing, distribution, intellectual property, agreements on franchising, employment, as well as issues on labor relation. It also involves sustainability, safety and concerns on consumer protection.

Fashion lawyers carry out an extensive gamut of duties such as drafting contracts, negotiating agreements, litigating trademark and copyright, as well as other issues on intellectual property. Fashion lawyers are responsible for creating and dissolving business units as well as advising on dvelping nd protecting brands.


The Growth of Fashion Law

The internet and digital age has aggravated or worsened numerous of the legal concerns and disputes encountered by fashion designers and companies, pushing up the need for legal advice and protection that is fashion-specific.

In recent years, design piracy as well as copycat litigation, for instance, has increased, bringing about new law or legislation that gives legal protection for designs in fashion. These types of issues and legislation are of great value to individuals and businesses in the industry of fashion.

For example, Charles Schumer, senator of New York, presented in August 2010 the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Protection Act (IDPPPA), which protects designs that are considered to be “original” and “unique.”


Breaking into the Fashion Law Field

Although this field is growing, only a small number of law firms focus in this area. Finishing courses and programs in fashion law, business and finance, intellectual property, international trade, consumer culture, and government regulation could also give you a foundation that may increase your likelihoods of finding employment in this field. Moreover, volunteering to help in offering legal services fashion community that is pro bono is another approach to acquire contacts as well as related experience.

There are some pet owners who love dressing up their pets. To some, it may seem to be a strange or uncommon thing. But to these people who cherished and love their pets a lot, it is just another way of showing their love and affection to them. What good does dressing up your pets bring? Does it lift up their morale and confidence like how it does in their packs? Is it just for the sake of the owners to look cool?

These and more will be discussed in the next paragraphs. If you too are thinking whether or not to dress up your pets, here are few things that could make up your mind.

Showing Off the Personality of Your Pets

People are using clothes in showing off their personality. So why not do the same to your pet? Regardless if your pet is smart, sassy, tough, it is you who will decide its look and appearance for that day.

Does it seem that your pet is following you around? Like for example;

  • You sit on the couch, all of a sudden your pet sits there as well
  • You go out and your pet rushes quickly to head out too
  • You jog, run or walk, your pet is with you on the side

If you and your pet do all these activities together, it’s safe to say that your pet would want to have what you have. And this may includes dressing up.

Adding Variety to the Old and Usual Routine

In most of your pet’s life, there’s a routine they follow like:

  • Going for walks
  • Eating and;
  • Napping

You may want to spice up their lives by dressing them up.

Turn Wacky Holidays to a new Bonding Experience

Believe it or not, the crazier the better; even if you think it’s silly to spend a day dressing them up, so long as you two are spending the day together, your pet would cherish it. After all, some are easy to clean and it is best to go with these clothes so it’s less of a burden when it is time to wash them.